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Who should take this course?

New or Experienced Handgun Owners

It doesn’t hurt to learn the basics. Regardless of your shooting experience, the handgun safety course teaches the core fundamentals of handgun safety so that you can visit the range with confidence and with safety in mind. Learn how to properly handle, transport, and store your handgun, as well as how to keep children safe around handguns.

Those Considering Handgun Ownership

This course will prepare you for handgun ownership. We will help you make safe, educated decisions so that you can buy the handgun that is best for you. In this course, you'll also learn about accessories you may need or want when you buy your handgun—and how to safely handle your handgun once it has been purchased.

Those Curious About Handgun Safety

It’s a simple fact that handguns are out there. At some point, it’s likely that you or a loved one will encounter a handgun—that’s why it's important to learn about them, even if you aren't a handgun owner. Taking this course will give you the knowledge necessary to think objectively and to act safely around handguns. Educate yourself, and educate others.

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What to Expect From Handgun Safety Course

Live‐Action, High‐Definition Videos

Our course videos feature a combination of professional educators (who double as professional actors), entertaining storylines, and up‐to‐date scenarios that give you one of the most effective ways to learn safe handgun operator practices.

Comprehensive Handgun Education Content

This course includes easy-to-understand handgun safety instructions alongside detailed illustrations, animations, and live-action videos in order to provide you with the education and skills necessary to be a knowledgeable and safe handgun owner.

Whether you’re an experienced shooter or first-time handgun owner, this handgun safety course will prepare you to shoot safely and responsibly.

Handgun Information in

Handgun regulations and laws are established by federal, state, and local governments. For information about these regulations and laws, visit the following websites.

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Learn Your Way on Any Device

Handgun Safety Course offers online courses that are fully mobile-friendly from start to finish. This safety course is designed to work on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Saved Progress

You may complete the course at your own pace. The course can be completed in one sitting or a little at a time over several days. Log in and out at any time, and we'll keep track of your progress. Most students finish the course in a few hours.

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How Do I Get My State License?

The Course Completion Certificate is not the same thing as a licence. An approved safety course may be required to comply with the handgun laws and regulations in the US.

Did you lose your certificate? Replace it here.

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