About the Study Guide

You are looking at the Washington Handgun Education Study Guide. At the present time, you cannot obtain handgun education certification from Handgun Safety Course. However, you can use this Study Guide as a resource to learn more about handgun safety.

At the shooting range, a group of shooters firing at the same time is called a relay. All commands are given by the range master. Here are some commands and what they mean.

The range master commands: The command means:
"Relay No. __ , Match No. __ , on the firing line. The preparation period starts now." Shooters have three minutes to move to the firing line and get ready.
"With five rounds, load." Shooters load their handguns.
"Is the line ready?" If someone isn't ready, the shooter will notify the range master.
"Ready on the left, ready on the right, ready on the firing line." The range master is making a final check.
"Commence firing." Shooters begin firing and continue until they have fired all shots or until the range master calls for a cease fire.
"Cease firing." Obey instantly. Stop firing immediately even if all rounds have not been fired.
"Unload cylinders, open actions with slides back, remove magazines, guns on the table." Unload your handgun and make certain your neighbors also unload their guns.