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You are looking at the Washington Handgun Education Study Guide. At the present time, you cannot obtain handgun education certification from Handgun Safety Course. However, you can use this Study Guide as a resource to learn more about handgun safety.

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Parents, this segment is especially for you. It will allow you to give your kids a free gift they’ll remember and appreciate for the rest of their lives. So I promise, it’ll be worth your time. A lake or a swimming pool is a dangerous place for kids if they’ve not been taught to swim and how to behave around the water. Yet, once they have that training, swimming, diving, and the beach can become lifelong sources of enjoyment. An automobile is extremely dangerous to both the untrained driver and those around them, yet with proper instructions, the young person learns to control and safely operate a machine that’s basically an essential of American life. And over the course of a lifetime, think how much enjoyment is made possible by knowing how to drive. Firearms are no different.

Yes, they are potentially dangerous tools in the hands of someone who doesn’t know anything about them. Yet, with proper training, they can spark lifelong enjoyment. Whether you have firearms in your home or not, your kids are going to encounter them. There are guns in more than 35% of American homes. That’s far more homes than have swimming pools, yet we all teach our kids what to do around the water. Handguns are simply tools that can be used properly for good and great enjoyment, or improperly for bad and misery. This is the same message you should share with your young children by teaching them how to respond when they find a gun in a friend’s home or somewhere out in the world.

Here are the four simple steps every child should know: One, stop, and tell anyone with you to stop. Two, do not touch the gun. Three, leave the area. And four, immediately tell a responsible adult. As your children get older, even if you’ve decided not to have guns in your home, encourage your children to take a firearm safety course. They may decide never to shoot or own a gun, but knowledge is power and safety. So, there’s the free gift I promised for your kids—your time and attention. Talk to them about guns. And when they’re old enough, enroll them in a firearm safety course. Who knows? You might be setting them on the path to a lifelong passion.

Source for the Safety Rules: NRA’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe© Program and used with their permission